• Thanks Toni! I wish more people would consider self employment. It’s a little scary at first, but it opens up so many amazing opportunities to find out what you’re really meant to do.

      • How many blogs do you run? I have an auto-immune disorder that is really making it difficult to work a 9to 5bjob on someone elses schedule…is pets and health a good blog to make money with?

    • It’s pretty fun Julia! There were a few small hoops to jump through but nothing crazy. Plus, you get the best of both worlds, your children stay with you all day, but they’re still socialized.

      • Make sure you get a child care endorsement added to your homeowners insurance. If someone gets hurt in your care, it could wipe you out financially.

  1. These are some great suggestions!! I plan on looking in to some of these!! Direct sales are an AWESOME side business!! Work it as much or as little as you want, as life allows!! The key is making sure you are doing something you’re passionate about!!

  2. So I have a funny experience with mystery shopping with TrendSource (totally not their fault!). It ended up costing me WAY more than it was worth. Why? Because one of the jobs I enjoyed taking on was for a pizza company. I’d take the pizza onto my deck to get photos with natural light (photos were required), before my family devoured it. Only, one time, I left my $600 camera outside. And it rained. IT. RAINED. My camera was ruined 🙁
    Ann-Marie recently posted…Blue Bunny Ice Cream Coupon AlertMy Profile

    • Doh! Oh no! I’m currently saving up for a new camera so I know exactly how much that hurts. That was probbaly the most expensive pizza you’ve ever eaten. 🙁

    • I also left my camera out and it rained! I was devastated! I work at a pharmacy and we had been stockpiling dessicants for a while for a project we were going to do. I took them home, put my camera in a ziploc bag full of them and left it there for 3 days. I tried to use it and it still wouldn’t work. I couldn’t seem to part with it just yet, so I put the camera still in the dessicants in my hall closet. Several months later as I was cleaning, I found it and decided to turn it on again. I’m not sure why, I guess I was just hoping for something good. Well, guess what?? It worked!!! I was and still am so happy!!! Sometimes it’s good to be a bit of a hoarder who can never throw anything away 🙂

        • We had a fire in our kitchen 6 months ago, and my husband was messing with our $300 camera when the fire broke out. He has no idea what he did with it when he ran to the kitchen to help me. It is gone. GONE. Disappeared. It still baffles me as to what happened to that thing.

  3. I love all of these suggestions! I’ve wanted to mystery shop..but I’m afraid that I would end up shopping and spend the money that I was earning. LOL!

    • Haha. Weirdly, my favorite part of it, is the $1.50 they give you (in addition to compensation) to purchase something (to prove you went to the correct store). I love scouting out the clearance bins and finding the best deal for my extra $1.50!

  4. These are great! I am a freelance writer, but I also work for a catering company during the summer and fall months. I work about every other Saturday, when my husband is off work. It’s mostly weddings, of course. The paycheck and tips are nice, and it’s extremely flexible. They offer an event and I either say yes or no. There are no repercussions for turning down work, except that you might get offered fewer if you almost always say no…but if I find myself wanting more, I can let them know and they will offer them to me. It’s a great gig that runs 6-7 months of the year, a few times per month, and gives me some time out of the house AND a little paycheck that helps chip away at those student loans.

    • What a fantastic idea! I’ve never thought of that. And OMG, you had me at “some time out of the house”. I get giddy going to Target on my own right now.

      • Love your ideas! They are truly legitimate ways to earn money! I’ve been using swag bucks for about 2 years and with their apps, i manage to earn about $800/year. It’s not much, but because I have their apps to auto run, it doesn’t take any effort or time. I just find the shortest short clip on the app, click it to “favorites” and run favorites. When that one is done, I turn on the next one and do the same thing. I sometimes “play” swagasaurus run for the extra ten points a day. My hubby does the same and we use our earnings for Amazon gift cards for Christmas or for gas cards for our annual road trip. I would definitely check it out. If you invite people to join, you can earn 10% of what they do also.

  5. Hello I’m Cindy Taylor. Read out your post thanks for sharing this 4sides. i do tradings. If I get few article it’ll be a pleasure for me.

  6. Thank you for this. It makes me feel like working from home, which is a dream of mine, is really possibe. 🙂

  7. I don’t want to be a stay at home mom I just want to work for myself! I started a Fiverr account but don’t get much business there at all. Hopefully it’ll pick up soon! I’m a blogger too and finally starting to make more income after a year although not up to $700 a month yet. I’m also in direct sales. Just hoping it all takes off soon so I can stay away from a “real job”
    Meaghan | Cook. Craft. Love. recently posted…Beach Ball Cookies {with tutorial!}My Profile

  8. Have you thought of director sales? Some companies offer products that people actually need, not just want, and don’t require the at-home parties that take up your nights and weekends. I work with Rodan + Fields and our business is so different than what you normally think of direct sales or multi-level marketing.
    I would love to be able to introduce you and your blog-followers to this opportunity.

  9. Hi,

    Just wanted to share with you that there are a lot of legit work at home jobs out there. One that comes to mind is This company has virtual agentswhich is people that work from home taking hotel reservations. Just sharing!! People don’t have to dress (could even wear pj’s) up, use gas to go to work. Also, home agents can have flexibility and work at night after everyone goes to bed.

    • Thanks for letting me know Juanita! I’ll look into it and maybe do an article in the future. I’m always ont eh look out for side jobs that people can do at night to pay off debt or boost up savings.

  10. Great post. As a recent single mom of 4, I’m always looking for new ways to make money. My blog has definitely become my passsion – as writing and inspiration are two things I have always loved. Would love you to to stop by!

  11. These are good ideas, however, your trend source link doesn’t work and the user testing requires payment. That’s not very helpful.

    • It’s free to be a tester! Click on the “get paid to test” on the top right.

    • Hey Sara! User testing definitely doesn’t require payment. You were probably looking at the purchase screen for companies to have their websites tested. I’ll go test the link for trend source now, it may have just been a glitch with their site.

  12. Thanks for the inspiration! I need to get my butt in gear! I just opened an Etsy shop in hopes to start making enough money to be a SAHM. I also love ebay selling!

  13. i have always wanted to try blogging but I have no clue what sites to use to start a blog! Any suggestions?

    • I’m actually putting together a resource guide for that reason alone Jessica. Stay tuned. It should launch next Monday. Sign up for my newsletter if you want a reminder in your inbox.

  14. I’m so glad I found this blog. Just like you, once I had my son I did not want to go back to work. I wanted to stay home with him. Well, I ended up going back to work once he was 6 weeks old. He’s now 10 months old and everyday I wish I could stay home with him. I keep thinking “what can I do to stay home and earn an income so that my husband won’t lose his mind trying support us all on one income?” The information you provided in this blog is very helpful. I don’t think I can handle an at home daycare but I’m hopeful to finding something that can replace or even surpass my current income. Thanks!

    • You can totally do this Melissa! One of the most surprising things I’ve found since I came home is how easy it is to come up with ways to support yourself. If you approach the problem from both ways, spending less and making more it’s even easier!

  15. Hi There, this post is really useful and clarifying how much you’ve earned from each working option makes it even more authentic.
    I’ve been blogging for a little while and will keep doing so as I love it, but I agree that it’s a loooooong time before you see financial results! User testing is a great idea that I hadn’t thought of though, so thanks for this!

    Clare x

  16. Hi Rosemarie, I stumbled upon this post from Pinterest and fell in love! I’m so inspired! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite some time, but I’m pretty unsure as to which blog host to use, any you recommend? I’ve been looking into Blogpress, & I do like using Tumblr, but I don’t get enough traffic for just writing.
    Destiny recently posted…PhotoMy Profile

  17. I love your drive to earn. However I read over and over about blogging and have no idea how to get started. So many questions like how to decide what to write about or finding your niche, I have used beginner sites and although simple in format I still don’t understand how to really get it goin and into the groove of things, how to reach an audience…..oh I can go on and on haha. Totally lost here

    • Heidi… 3 (or 4? I can’t remember) years ago, I felt the exact same way. I started blogging as a hobby for fun. I had no idea that people did this as a carrier. In just the last two months since this article posted, I more than tripled my blogging income. I did the really, really slow way. Started on a free (blogger) site, posted when I could and muddles along learning little bits every month. Last September I started over with a brand new self hosted site (that means I own it), and started putting the money that I made on the free site into training. Things like writing classes, blogging classes, graphic design etc. Once I started paying to learn how to do things, the site grew really, really quickly. If you love to write, make this your hobby and just start any way you can. You won’t regret it. Write about the thing that you can’t shut up about. The thing that you could talk about forever. Fashion, parenting, an illness, food, desserts, whatever… Write about what you love.

      • Thank you so much for all you have shared in this wonderful post. Although I’ve seen many references to people making triple digit incomes through blogging, I had no idea what the timeline might be,
        or what expectations might be realistic. Your openness and advice are very generous, and helpful! I am semi retired, and the earn at home idea is appealing to me, too! It’s a huge risk to invest time without much certainty about the potential outcome. This may be the best blog post I’ve ever read!

  18. I’ve been blogging online for years and I can tell you that if you do it right, you can make A TON of cash. It’s great to see more moms doing what they can to stay home with their kids no matter what. I commend you on all that you do. Maybe you would like Amazon FBA (similar to eBay). Have a great day.
    Lesley recently posted…Minecraft The Cave Lego SetMy Profile

  19. I clicked this on a whim from Pinterest and was happily surprised to see some fabulous ideas! I’ve read other bloggers who post similar ‘How I Make X Dollars’ and usually they count a *savings* as an *earning* for some reason. Thank you for being so candid and helpful!!

  20. I’m an actor, so of course I need a flexible day job for now. I work in an office & have a nice boss that lets me go when necessary but I would really love to just be home more often to work on my career & not have to ask permission to leave. Plus my husband & I want to start a family soon & I would love to be a SAHM, so flexibility is key! But we are still a 2 income family. These ideas are great. I just started my blog a couple of weeks ago, so no money yet, but I’m learning the ropes. I started a direct sales biz with a link from my blog as well.
    Your ebay idea is genius to me! I may have to look into that since I already shop at thrift stores & goodwill for myself. I thought about repurposing home & furniture pieces to sell on either ebay or Etsy. It’s the one crafty thing I can do.
    I also use It’s not a lot of money for me, but if you shop online, just go through ebates to do it & get cash back through PayPal. Every little bit helps! Think about back-to-school time or Christmas shopping. You could rack up some cash!
    Melissa M recently posted…Actors & Day Jobs, aka “Do you want the dressing on the side?”My Profile

    • You’re welcome Melissa! I love that you’re working on your dreams! My absolute best advice when it comes to quitting your job is to find a hobby that has the potential to make money and start crafting it. Working on it after work will be no sweat because it’s “fun”. Re-purposing home and furniture pieces is a great idea! 🙂 I seriously hated selling jeans on Ebay… There was no creativity and it was just tedious mind numbing work, but it pays bills and it’s easy. 🙂

  21. These are all fantastic ideas! At one point I made duct tape wallets and purses; I sold purses for $20-ish and wallets for $5-$15 depending on size and type… I made $200 for only about 20 items, some of which I gave away to family, and it took only a little effort and if you can find cheap duct tape with cool patterns (Often at big lots, target, and shopko), it’s really worth it and cheap. 🙂 I have never been to this website before but will definitely be back…

  22. How do you pay for taxes on these side jobs? Do you keep track of it and have to file wit taxes? Or just don’t claim it? I get nervous about that.

    • Hi Julie!
      You definitely have to pay taxes. For the childcare, the tax breaks are AMAZING. Talk to an accountant (often you can get free consultations), to understand how much you’ll owe. I use Quickbooks self employed and love it. With the day care. I tracked everything myself and by hand… I couldn’t keep it up after the first year though and needed to switch to something that automates a lot of it. The blog income, doesn’t have any tax breaks with it (bummer) so it’s heavily taxed but it’s also really easy to increase your income over time (that’s incredibly difficult to do with day care- you would have to increase the number of kids you have). The others are nominal amounts… I give them to my accountant and she figures it out. If you want to do this, don;t let the fear of taxes keep you from doing it, I’m not saying it’s super easy to figure out… but neither is balancing a long commute, a 40 hour work week, demanding kids, and a house to run. So… it’s a bit of a pain either way. 🙂

      • Thank you so much!! I’ve thought about at least doing that mystery shopping, but it always intimidated me how to claim it! I am so ready to be a stay at home mom!!

  23. Awesome site…I’m glad you managed to find ways to stay home…I am blogging so I can free my children to stay home with their children. I will pass on some of your ideas to them so they too can be stay at home moms.
    Deborah Aiken recently posted…Investing 101My Profile

    • Blogging is such a fun way to earn enough to stay home, my blogging income has tripled since I write this and it’s a passion project as well, so you can’t beat that!

  24. This is a great list but I find it troubling that she is doing these 15 minute computer tests while running her in home daycare. If I was paying someone to watch my kids, I would want her to watch my kids, not let them play on the iPad while she was making money doing computer tests. I understand she might be doing these while nursing as well, but her advice to keep the computer turned up loud so you can hear the ping sounds sad for a daycare provider. Just my thoughts. Otherwise, great ideas!

    • Hi Emily!
      I should have clarified that. I can’t do user testing during day care hours (it would take a miracle to keep 4 toddlers quiet for 15 minutes haha). I usually leave it up though on weekends and in the evenings. That’s why I only earn $100 from that. (That’s only 1 test every 3 days or so). But, If you don’t run a day care and you stay home- you can easily earn much more than I do.

  25. I just read your post about the 4 ways you earned over $2,000 a month. I have a head injury that prevents me from driving, working. So I’m limited in what I can do. But buying jeans at a thrift store might work for me. What thrift store did you go to? Did they have routine half off days or did you just watch for their sales?
    I appreciate you information and help!

    • Marcia, I had to go to several thrift stores in my area to find the best deals on jeans. They are all local thrift stores, as the larger chain stores tend to not have the best deals. Most of the time the sales are on a pretty strict schedule, so just just have to figure out what days have the deepest discounts.

  26. Great article! I am currently exploring some of these options to start bringing in some much needed extra income as a SAHM. Question about blogging…how do you get/find opportunities to do a sponsored post?
    Jennifer recently posted…Finding My HappyMy Profile

    • Finding sponsored post opportunities depends a lot on your blog’s “niche” and your general rules about what you “will” and “will not” do for compensation. For instance: I will not write sponsored posts on products that I haven’t used and love. That said, if someone approaches me for a product I haven’t used before, part of the stipulation is that I get to try the product and if I don’t like it, then I don’t write the post.

      As far as finding posts on my own, that’s a bit easier. I have a specific email format I use when I “pitch” to a company or product developer. I use this email format to contact someone at the company, offer to write a post, and include my “media kit” which contains rates and statistics for my blog. The company usually responds within a day or two and will either say “no thanks” or will schedule a meeting to talk about terms.

      These techniques, email formats, and the media kit design were all things I learned while taking the Elite Blog Academy course from Ruth Soukup at

  27. Hi there-

    Thanks for this post! Could you elaborate a bit on how one would go about starting an Ebay business? I am considering doing so, but am not sure how to get started with it. Also, how did you get free shipping materials from USPS?


  28. These are some awesome ideas!Thank u and all the best to you!I really admire women who get out of their comfort zone and become creative,inventive,wiser and cooler mums! 😉 I used to babysit when i quit my job.I was home with my 2yr old son,pregnant to my daughter and then started doing nappy cakes and selling through fb!When you are looking for something,opportunities come knocking your door!I looved traveling but couldn’t afford to go anywhere!Now I get paid to travel,been to 19 trips in a year and cant way to show my kids the world! 🙂
    Stay positive,open minded and enjoy motherhood&life to the fullest! Xx

  29. I’ve been staying home for a few months now and have started a blog, sell stuff on eBay and have done a little mystery shopping as well. I’ll have to check into the user testing site. I just subscribed and I’m looking forward to reading your Quick Blog Growth Guide. I really want to make an income from my blog but haven’t really done anything to monetize it yet and I want to keep it ad free. I feel like I need more traffic before monetizing. It’s so tough to find the time to do everything that needs to be done.
    Danell recently posted…10 Things Your Kids Need To See You Do With MoneyMy Profile

    • Hi Danell! The best advice I can give to make a blog into a full time income is to make enough to pay for a blogging class where they teach you how to monetize. I took The Elite Blog Academy and absolutely loved it!

  30. This is a great exhaustive list. Thanks for the resources. I’m passing it along to my daughter who is considering some work at home opportunities.

    I wasn’t aware that you could do website review so I’m heading over to check that out too.

    Thanks for the list of ideas, very encouraging.

    Laura Beth
    Laura Beth @ How To Get Rich Slowly recently posted…Minimalist MoneyMy Profile

    • Thanks Laura Beth! I love usertesting!! It’s so simple, the pay is great and I love getting to peek at what the large companies are working on and getting to offer my opinion.

  31. Great tips! I have started a blog and I am working on ways to expand it, so no income yet. But it’s really fun to blog and offer tips. I have also done product testing locally, which can bring in anywhere from $100-$300 per study. Most take a few hours over the course of a month and really easy. I have made over $5,000 in the past few years and I only participate in them every few months. I am going to look into Mystery Shopping and UserTesting as well though.
    Brittney @ Life On A Discount recently posted…Saving for Specific Goals and a Saving Often UpdateMy Profile

    • Hello. I’m on disability and a senior and really need some way to make money from home. How do you find product testing study’s, mystery shopping and user testing jobs? I live in Frederick, Maryland.

  32. Did you gain clientele for the at home daycare before quitting your job or build it after?
    If you built it after, where did you make up for the lapse in income?

  33. These are all great ideas. But I wanted to just say if you are looking at running a childcare business from your home, make sure to check your state and local laws and ordinances. Each state has their own licensing requirements and some states allow you to care for a specified number of children without a license. Also, some states carry hefty fines and even felony criminal charges if you run a child care business without a license.
    Natosha recently posted…Sweet Potato PancakesMy Profile

  34. This is great! You’ve inspired me to get my blog moving and to be successful with it! I already subscribed and can’t wait to dive in!

  35. I’m looking for people to join my team with Advocare! It’s a great opportunity to get healthy (especially as the New Year approaches!) and make some additional money! I make a couple hundred dollars extra each month and save on my own orders! I feel so strongly about the program I’m willing to pay people’s start up costs! Email me with “advocare” in the subject line if you’re interested!

  36. This article has really peaked my interest. I am a single mother who desperately wants to be a SAHM. I do like to write but how do you decide what your blog should be about and get people to read it? I need real remote jobs that can be the main income. Any suggestions would help!
    Thanks 🙂

  37. Great information and great comments. I love reading “most” of your followers comments. Getting inspired to continue my adventure in making money online.

  38. Always looking for my DD who is a SAHM but most of these are just difficult to do when you live in an itty bitty town and are the largest town for miles around and are up in the mtns where travelling can get dangerous in winter weather ! But I will definitely pass this website on to her !

  39. This is the best blog article I’ve read regarding work at home jobs. Thank you for your referrals and ideas. I will definitely be looking into them.

  40. Hi! Just found your post via Pinterest. Great post!! I have done Mystery Shopping in the past and enjoyed it. I also have a blog that I have vowed to be more faithful to this year……I mean it’s about cocktails, I think I can spend some more time “posting”, lol.

    I have a questions about the User Testing. Do they send you a W-2 at the end of the year?

    I look forward to browsing through your site and reading more of your post!


    • I just started user testing this year and haven’t received a w-2 yet so I’m not sure. I do report the income, I just throw it in with blogging income. You can probably find out more info with a quick call to your accountant (mine answers questions like this for free).

      • That’s correct. They have to send you a 1099 for income in excess of $600 per year (this number changes each year, so ask your tax preparer), and some or all of your monthly Internet subscription bill may deductible as a business expense for this user testing and other online businesses. You can possibly depreciate your PC and a home office if you earn enough income and your tax preparer thinks these are qualified expenses. Mileage from mystery shopping excursions can also be deducted, but must be carefully tracked separately from personal mileage. If you spend a little money to register your business with your state and create a business structure, such as a “sole proprietorship”, “S-Corp”, or “limited liability company”, you might be able to deduct certain insurance premiums. For example, medical insurance, disability insurance, and for older self-employed individuals– long-term care insurance, can be full deductible depending upon earnings if you are self-employed and pay the premiums from separate business checking accounts. Keep you business and personal credit cards and checking separate to avoid problems if you are audited by the IRS. Hope this is helpful.

        • If you are paid through PayPal do NOT FILE A 1099. Any reputable accountant will confirm this.

  41. I contacted, downloaded their software, but it doesn’t work & their “contact us” email also doesn’t work. Please advise.

    • That sounds like a tech issue with your computer- I’m horrendous at technology (ironic consider I’m a full time blogger). You can call them between 8a-5pm pacific time here: 1 (800) 903‒9493

  42. Thank you for this list, one of the best I’ve seen. Offers a lot of different ideas from the bog standard lists I usually come across when looking for work from home ideas. These options all sound very doable and enjoyable. ?

    • That because most bloggers make their money… blogging! 🙂 Which, don’t get me wrong is amazing! But I’m a fan of being able to stay home with your kids even if you don’t want to be a blogger.

  43. These are some great suggestions. I am a mom who works from home to make sure I have time to spend with my kids. It’s a juggling act but I never miss a parent teacher meeting or any of my kids events and this was something that was important to me. I look forward to hearing more about your blogging success. Just signed up for your Quick Resource Guide.

    • Awesome Kym! It’s totally a juggling act but I love that we have control of what we focus on. I’m working hard now to set up a future where I can focus more on my family and less on my business.

  44. These do look good. I want to retire (am 60) but still need an income. Sounds like your blog is now doing fantastic ($9000/month). How long did it take you to work up to that? Is it all from ads or also sponsored posts? Thanks so much for sharing. Saw your post on Interior Frugalista party.

  45. This is such an awesome post! I’ve tried some of these ways to earn extra money and have succeeded a little at some of them. I’ve done a little user testing, but I didn’t get very into it because the tests don’t pay very much individually. I love those money back apps for when I grocery shop. Thanks for sharing how you make money for your family. I’ll have to look further into some of these jobs.
    Gina recently posted…The Things We Hide: My Battle with Depression and SuicideMy Profile

  46. Selling your surplus of coupon bought merchandise is really annoying. I would have loved to buy that 1 bottle of shampoo at the store, but you had to get 50 of them so there were none left. I’m not going to reward someone for that

  47. Your blog post just provided me hope. In the last couple of months I was recenty laid off from my 9-5. Although I have had a blog for 3 yrs it has not been consistent consumed by my FT job my blog took the background and now being home the fear kicks in on finances. Did i mention I have to small toddlers. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom although it want be daycare i am going to get back into my blog consistent eventually ill be able to invest.

    • I’m sorry you lost your job. It may take some time to replace it, so examine your budget to look for ways to slow down spending. Focus on discretionary spending, and spend down taxable accounts first, tax deferred next and tax free last, as this will make your money last longer. Also, keep your mind open to the possibilities. What do you know or what can you do that someone is willing to pay for? Do you have knowledge or a skill that can be adapted to another industry, perhaps, which might be marketable over the Internet? I hope you find work soon and that you and your children don’t suffer too much from this stressful period.

  48. This is an amazing article I found on Pinterest and so inspiring!!!!! Thank you so much. It’s got my thought processes in overdrive. I am so excited to begin trying some of these 🙂

  49. This was so inspiring to me. I did a blog years, years ago but let it go, now I want to bring it back and really get good and faithful with it as I just started doing some run coaching on the side. Thank you so much for your help, suggestions and recommendations! I appreciate you sharing your wisdom!!
    Thank you!

  50. Wow, I’m exhausted just reading this! I love how you can earn a living, but thought of shopping and online user testing alone make my eyes cross. Then add MORE children?!? (I already have five, and homeschool…) I could do more with my blog, but eh. I think I’ll stick to stock photography and publishing!

  51. If I could stay home and get paid for counting the lies in this post, I’d be swimming in the dough!

    This is all clickbait. 9,000 USD per month? Lol, yea right, show me some bank statements. People! People! *clap* Wake up! Don’t be fooled!


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  53. Hi! I was interested in possibly starting an eBay business similar to what you mentioned and was wondering how so you go about getting free shipping materials and have them pick up your packages that you mentioned?

  54. I didn’t read all the comments so I’m not sure if selling through consignment sales has been suggested. I’ve been able to stay home with my twins by being in the resale business. I purchase cheap toys, clothes, and baby equipment at garage sales then sell them through twice a year kid consignment sales ( It takes work to clean up the items, enter them into the online system, print the tags, and attach them to the items, but now that my twins are 5 they can help too.

  55. Thank you for this information, I am definitely going to check some of these out. My youngest is now a Junior in H.S. but I am unemployed and need to earn an income desparately!

  56. Oh wow….You would love my thrift store here in WV….I can buy brand name anything for a quarter!!

  57. Great Ideas! Stock Photography is a good option, but so is portrait photography in general. Depending on your talent and experience, you can make decent money doing something you love while choosing your own availability. Newborn, Engagement, and Family photos are always in demand.

  58. I have some questions regarding your eBay bonus job – would you do a fixed price or auction? What day would you pick to end your listing and how long would it last? Did you offer free shipping? Thanks!

  59. Thank you so much for this blog! I’m not a stay at home mum but I’m a student who is constantly looking for options to make some easy cash! I agree with Usertesting being added to the list as I use it for a few extra bucks a month. One that I recommend is
    Able to make £8 per review I complete.

    Anyway, thank you for this article. It’s extremely helpful

    Thanks! 🙂

  60. I started blogging almost 3 months ago. I have made over $300 in free product and a whole $0.60 in cash..haha. I am working on growing my readership & monetizing now. I also have an Etsy shop for my homemade and farm goods and I babysit 2 children in my home. I can legally babysit 4 children in addition to my own without needing a license so that is very helpful for me. I love reading your posts to help give me a knowledge & motivation boost!
    Jessica recently posted…DIY Dish Detergent TabletsMy Profile

  61. I’m sure God wanted me to stumble on your link. I have been a SAHM for 30 years, and homeschooled along the way. My last child enters PS high school this fall, my hubbie took early retirement and works for himself, and we have downsized . I kept a blog casually for several years, love the thrifty life, am improving my photography, and enjoy shopping on ebay. You made me realize, given my interests, that I have a lot of what it takes to bring in some extra cash, now that I am “retired” too! I see a winter vacation in our budget now!!

  62. Thank you for writing this post. It read a little like the five hudnred other posts out there (only in terms of what you say you make money from), but yours was much better because it felt personal.

  63. Awesome list. Especially all the blogging information. I’m been contemplating starting a blog for awhile now. Just a little confused, it says updated 8/16/16 for making $24,000/month but today is the 15th, when was this posted?

  64. I can not fathom a $20,000 a month income. Even after taxes, which are steep at this level, I don’t think I could spend it every month, on normal family living things! Utterly overwhelming to me.

  65. I know baby sitting can be good because I used to have to pay a babysitter. In my area I had a lady turn down 12 dollars and hour. Soo expensive especially on a teacher’s salary ( from a private school). Some were requesting 20 bucks an hour. Lets just say now I am a SAHM and I don’t do babysitters anymore. I am trying the blog thing. There is so much to learn. That Elite Blog Academy looks really good.
    Jennifer recently posted…A Mama’s Heart: The Storms of LifeMy Profile

  66. I would add to the list network marketing. There are lots of products to choose from selling, like clothes, jewelry, purses, health products, face products, kitchen products. You have your own business at a relatively low starting cost. Myself, I recently joined the health and wellness company, Plexus. If you want to join me, it’s a low start up cost, great products, no inventory, great compensation plan. I have friends making life changing money. I will be there someday also.

  67. Hi Rosemarie,

    I’m into blogging too. I love writing and researching, which pulled me towards blogging. 200$ to 24000$/month, that’s absolutely amazing and inspiring.What a wonderful resource of side gigs for mom bloggers. I thoroughly loved it. Keep posting stuff like this 🙂

    There is a dead link with anchor text “Krazy Coupon Lady’s free coupon database” towards the end in the couponing section. Make sure to remove or edit it.

  68. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy that I found your website. This past year has been a serious struggle for me and my son. I am a single mother that does EVERYTHING alone. After reading this post I was truly inspired to get started on being self employed. I am a grad student, beginning blogger, and part time preschool teacher. I have been trying to find work to replace my main teaching job but NOT ONE company wants to match what I am making now. It has been so discouraging. In the midst of it all I decided to start a blog hoping to help others like me. That hasn’t been so great either. I am taking everything I read here and applying it to my life. Thank you so much for your information and sources, I will be putting them the good use. -THH

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    Virtual assistant jobs and user testing work seem pretty interesting. Just need more than one one income stream, and you have provided some great ideas. Thanks so much again for sharing them. Will stop by from time to time :-).

  70. Carrie- It really, really is. If we could manage it, anyone can. Write your goal down and find a way to make it happen.

  71. Great list! I started supplementing my income by working as a VA in July and I love it so much that I’m turning it into a full-blown business in the New Year!

    I’ve also done English tutoring through

  72. Love these ideas, thanks so much for sharing! I tried the Trend Source link for mystery shopping and it said page not found…Is there another link for them or a link for another reputable mystery shopping company? Thanks!

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  74. Great tips! I actually just signed up for UserTesting. In their terms of use, they do state that they can record a tester’s facial expressions, and a blocked webcam may be reason to throw out a test without payment. Just so everybody knows!

  75. Thanks so much for these awesome ideas! I just signed up for the Budget Boot Camp and have been a SAHM for the past 3 years. I’m def. going to be trying some of these out!!!

  76. These are some great tips, a few which I have tried. There are many user testing sites out there that I am trying to become a part of. I’ve been blogging for over 6 months now with no luck, so I figured I had better find a different side hustle! Congrats on your success!

  77. Such a great and helpful. I would love to try mystery shopping. Thank you for linking with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to see you again next week.

  78. Great and helpful ideas for SAHM. I would love to try mystery shopping. Thank you for linking with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to see you again next week.

  79. Pinning this for later! And huge congrats on having your blog skyrocket. It’s such an inspiration to read about bloggers like you. I’ve been blogging for a year now and am really eager to “take it seriously”. I think I’m taking the right steps but I’m not sure especially with stagnant results. #wonderfulwednesday

  80. Hi Busy Budgeter,
    You won Inspire Me Monday with this post. I wrote a nice mini-tribute to you. You’ll be featured on my site tomorrow. Congrats!
    Janice, Your Inspire Me Hostess

  81. I had the same goal that you did… to find a way to be a SAHM by the time my baby turned one. I have 2 months to go and still am not earning anything from my blog. But you, still inspire me to keep going. #inspiremelink

  82. Interesting post, I make extra cash with work in the cafe during weekends from September till June and with dog sitting, I like read real testimonials I find them inspiring…

  83. Thanks for all the ideas. My goal is working from home. I just started my own blog, and I hope to turn it into an income source. I’m having to learn a new, unfamiliar world.

    Visiting from Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

  84. This is such an amazing resource. Ever since reading this and one of my mommy friends talks about earning money from home, I point them in this direction. Really wonderful, especially because the ideas don’t rely on the ever popular (but sometimes worthless) MLMs that so many moms get into. Thank you!

  85. Hi. Selling products purchased with a coupon in the way you’ve described is illegal. KCL explains this clearly and your friend should know better. Look into it – you might wish to retract that part of the blog post.

  86. Hi, love this article. Still clicking through the links, and I’m sorry to post, the krazy coupon lady link is coming up error code 404.. Thank you though. I am off off to check out the remaining links.?

  87. As a Mother to be, I am certainly looking for a good way to make money from home. Ive noticed that it is really easy to sign up for something, only to find out that it was a scam or not what you thought it would be. I recently came across a new way to make money from home (internet marketing) that is turning out to be a major success for me and my family.

  88. Great information. Thank you so much. I want to follow you, you have great ideas. The blogging info, most interests me. I’m not stay-at-home-mommy-wanna-be, unfortunately, my baby is grown and the Internet was not a household name until he was five years old. And even then, there weren’t opportunities like this available then. We all barely knew what we were suppose to do with the Internet. BUT, I am a single woman, looking to increase money intake as I already own a business outside the home. I love writing and have some great ideas and I am very glad I came across your site. Thank you!

  89. Oh wow. That’s honestly one of the most helpful blog posts on side jobs that I’ve read so far. Thank you so much for the detailed listing. This definitely motivated me to take blogging more seriously and invest in a proper domain! Thanks for the tips!! 🙂


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