1. When I click on the link it tells me ibotta only works in the U.S. I double checked my phone settings and they are set for my region in the U.S. 🙁
    Not sure what to do now.

    • Hi Jackie-
      Just download the app from your app store and when you go to sign up use the referral code “fcetinx” and it will link you automatically. I just joined- add me as your teammate, too! My code is “scvymkj” – they could have made these a little easier to remember. 😉


    • Use $10 sign up code: DDKXFAC and recieve a $10 welcome bonus when you redeem your first Ibotta offer within 7 day. Happy New Years and happy shopping! Click through the following link to sign up ($10 bonus code automatically included if you sign up through this link):

  2. Hi there,

    I just signed up and used your referral code but it is not showing that we are teammates? My referral code is snmivjm

  3. Got my mom and I signed up for Ibotta in April and we’ve each saved over $20 so far in 2 months and every little bit counts. Love it when I can use a coupon and Ibotta for the same item. Ended up with Challenge cream cheese for $.26 last week

    • I’m changing my original opinion of Ibotta. I thought it was great before, but then I noticed that the generic items I was using a lot before (milk, eggs, bacon, yogurt, bananas) aren’t every on there anymore, so I wasn’t saving as much each trip. I mentioned it to my mom and she say, “I have milk on mine this week.” So I started to wonder if as you use it longer, if you start seeing the generic items that you use frequently, less and less. To test this, I had my husband start his own account, and sure enough all the generic items I was missing on mine are on his. This is still a good app and I’m still saving money on the name brand items, just not as much as before the generic stuff started to disappear. Call me a skeptic, but I think the program slowly takes away the generics you use a lot when you’ve been using the app for a little while. So I cashed mine out and my husband has been using his to maximize our savings while the generics are still available to him.

      • I could be wrong (I’ve only used it for a few months), but I think what it is is the bonuses you need to activate). I have between 5 and 20 generic items, depending on what bonuses I activate.

      • I’ve noticed that when you have a generic item the app allows a certain amount of purcheses of these items. One month I was able to buy 2 gallons of milk then the rebate was gone. This isn’nt a big beal for me though because my household doesn’t drink a lot of milk but if you want a real boost punch in my code at start up “xsomxtk”.

      • I agree. I haven’t even had many staple items like eggs, coffee, milk, etc. Very few if any fruits and vegetables fresh. I only shop for two, so it’s been harder to even get a rebate uness I buy something I don’t really need.

        • I wondered about that. Things that I bought stopped showing up.
          It took me over 1.5 years to earn $40. Including the $10 bonus and $5 from a friend joining.
          I still use it. I need to join this team.

      • Hi, if you would like to make more money, join my team. We have made more than $500.00 since march 2017. My referral code is jjymndt.
        Happy money making😀

  4. Just joined today. When you are on a team & you cash out does it cash out the whole team? If anyone wants to add me my code is: lruguyy.

    • Hi Mary! Awesome! Welcome to the team. You can cash out whenever you want, it won’t affect the team at all. The only thing that the team will do is qualify you for bonus money at the end of the month if both the team earns a certain amount and you earn a certain amount.

  5. I’ve been on Ibotta for a couple of months and I’m just starting to use it. I forgot that I had joined! How do I add teammates? I would love to join your team.

    • That’s the one downfall. The only way to add team mates (except for signing up using their code) is by being personal “friends” on Facebook. You can sign up using a different email address and just use that one if you want to be on my team, but really the reason you would want to do that is to get the bonus money from having active users as friends. If you connect your current account to facebook and see 3 or 4 friends that use the app regularly or just one or two friends that use the app heavily, you’ll be able to earn your bonuses through them. You just don’t want to be stuck without friends using the app, because you give up about $3/month.

  6. I love Ibotta! When I first started using it I was so intimidated and got it all wrong the first 10, or so, times I tried it but now that I know what I am doing, I have already gotten two pay outs since last November. That isn’t a huge thing, yes, but it is only 2 of us I buy for and only every 2 weeks.

    Have you tried Checkout 51? I used to like that one better, it was easier but lately I only get about 0.25 a week from them. Their selection of rebates seems to have gotten smaller, lately.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  7. I had already signed up before I read this. Is it still possible for me to join your team?

    • Bummer! It;s not Jayme… Connect the app to Facebook though and search your friends… as long as you have friends on Facebook that you the app, you’ll be ok. If you don;t you can sign up through my link with a different email address and just use that one. 🙂

  8. This is the first time I’ve come across this issue. I happen to finish a shopping trip to Walmart where I managed to get nine dollars in rebates (they were all items I needed). However I scanned all the items correctly (they all matched), they all matched the rebate, and I scanned the QR code. What usually takes a day or so, is taking much longer. I can’t help but think it is because the rebate amount was so high. They’re telling me they can’t read the receipt but the QR code should have fixed that, as well as the fact that I’ve had other receipts in worse light (Safeway in this instance) get recognized quickly the only mitigating factor was that the rebate was much less. I’m curious if this has happened to others.

    • Hey Cecilia, I’ve definitely had more then $9 in rebates in a single trip and still got the rebate. I bet it’s just running slow to apply. I notice that happens on the weekends sometimes.

    • I have just had the exact same thing happen today using ibotta at Walmart. I should have had $4 in rebates (more than usual for me) and I got an email a little later saying my receipt couldn’t be read. I used the QR code like always and it “read” it perfectly well when I scanned the receipt. I’ve tried it three more times with the same result. I emailed ibotta but haven’t yet received a response.

  9. If I am already set in in I Botta is there a way to hook up team? I only see my referral code, no way to enter yours 🙁

  10. How is the money distributed if the money goes to one account from the savings? I have not joined yet — but, I have my sisters, son daughters, nieces, nephew and friends that would benefit and I would not want to recommend if it is a scam. Please explain how we can benefit or do we have to make our own team? Thank you very much!

    • Hi! It’s really simple actually- they just credit your account for the amount you earn and then you can transfer your money to your paypal account and then your bank. If you don’t use paypal, you can just use it for an amazon gift card.

    • I used mobisave to test it, but we didn’t find enough to make it worth it to me. We seem to buy a ton of generic and then allergy friendly foods for name brand so most of the other rebate apps don’t work as well for us. Glad you found it though!
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  11. Just curious – when you click on someone’s code to join their team, you have the option of signing up through Facebook or with your email. It says you’ll save more with Facebook signup – does it actually make a difference?

  12. I like Ibotta, I have earned $18 in a couple of months or so and it takes very little time to unlock rebates and photograph receipts. However, I’m wondering how you cashed out $18 to PayPal when on mine it says $20 minimum?

  13. I have been using this app since last year and have gotten over a $100 back (make sure to keep an eye out for bonuses your team bonuses, plus bonuses they randomly add – i got a great bonus twice doing NFL superbowl time a game day bonus – plus team bonus). I also cross apply my Walmart Savings Catcher which is on the Walmart app, and a few other rebate apps (Mobisave,Checkout 51, and SavingsStar, and sometimes use paper and electronic coupons – a lot of times i end up with money back on items because a lot rebate apps have the same items listed for rebates back plus i have a coupon 🙂

  14. Ibotta is great. I use it to save money for Christmas or birthdays. My referral code is n9rvnw. You’ll get $10 after your first rebate.

  15. I save about $20 every 5 weeks which I put toward girl trips. My problem in my rural area they took my IbottA scanner areas out so its a bit more complicated but I have made it work

  16. I signed up about a week ago using one of your links and it didn’t add me to your team! Kind of bummed.

  17. I’ve been using ibotta for a few months now and it has been great so far. It actually encourages you save by buying the items that carry rebates. Many of the rebates are also offered with your store specific apps like Kroger and Publix, so you can actually save quite a lot by using then together. Feel free to sign up using my link to sign up and receive your $10 sign on bonus.

  18. I followed the link & when I put in my age it says “you must be at least 13 years of age” – I am. I kept tapping back to 1963, hit save, or set – not quite sure which one. Now, when I try to use the link it gives me the same message. I’d really like to join under you. Any suggestions? Thank you ?

    • That’s likely a bug. All apps have them. If you update the app and try again it should work fine. (Also- feel free to choose a different birth year- you’re just telling them that your over 13, you don’t have to tell them your actual year)
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  19. I got an error message after entering my date of birth. I tapped back to March 2,1963. After I hit save, or set, I don’t remember which one- the message said “you must be at least 13 years of age” ? Quite obviously I am. Now when I try to use the link to start over the age message comes up. I want to sign up under your group. Any suggestions? Thank you

    • I thin you can join the Krazy Coupon Ladies team after you’ve signed up, I’m not sure how but I know I’ve read an invite to join her group and then you always meet you’re minimums cuz your team is like, a zillion Krazy couponing ladies haha.
      Share the love, join Ibotta using bonus code DDKXFAC. Thank you in advance

  20. Hi!

    I’m already an Ibotta user for over a year and I love it! However, I am a solo user and would LOVE to join your team to maximize savings! Do you know how we can connect without me having to set up a new account and lose the savings I’ve accrued?


  21. I signed up today and am on your team!! 😀 But it doesn’t say anything about the $10 cash out rebate for my first receipt! Do you know if it will give it to me when i have enough to cash out?

  22. I absolutely love Ibotta! I go through spells with it, where i forget to use it, but I’m trying to stay on track with it now. I’ve used it off and on for a couple years, (more off than on until about a year ago) and have already over 250 in lifetime rebates!

  23. Has no one read the privacy policy? They have to make money somehow for giving away so much money. Their privacy policy says they are giving your personal info to the companies that give you the rebates. Those companies can sell your phone number and email address as they please.

    Has anyone noticed getting a lot more junk mail since signing up?

  24. Right now there is a $5.00 rebate if you spend $40 at H&M. If you submit the receipt today, you can still use a receipt from Black Friday! (I spent a ton there on Black Friday). Extra $10 bonus when you download the app and get your first rebate. I use this app for every shopping trip I make. Adds up to about $100 a month. Here’s the link for the $10 bonus:

    • In fact I think it’ll work for a few store from Black Friday like Best Buy and such! There are a bunch of other stores on there besides just groceries. (I just bought a bunch at H&M., which is why I mentioned it) ?

  25. I am using Ibotta- seems like an easy way to earn couple of extra bucks.
    Here is my referral code- feel free to join- fqerogh

  26. I’ve been using it to pay for movies. I also love the clothing rebates; I shop at Soma, so I have bought things there a couple of times and gotten $10 in one shot. I also craft, and if I need something specific, Joann’s has a coupon for $5 back for $30. At Christmas, it was $5 for $15 spent. I’ve redeemed that several times. I have nearly $300 in earnings, and I’ve only been doing this since July. That is nearly $300 in movies on my iTunes account; allowing me to spend that money on other things!

  27. This application is total fraud

    I am trying to withdraw money from my account since last 2 years and every time they show a message that there is some problem with your account and we will get back to you soon

    By giving you your first payment they earn your trust and than they don’t pay you anything

    They even don’t have a contact number on which customer can contact for their problem also they don’t reply to any of your emails.

    They are a very very big FRAUD

  28. Ibotta hooks you with the plentiful “any brand” offers at first. Then they slowly disappear. “Well, why are you complaining about free money?” Because there’s a $20 minimum to withdraw. I’ve had Ibotta for about a year and have yet to meet the minimum and get any of the money I’ve earned because 1. they stop offering the easy “any brand” coupons after you’ve used it a few weeks; 2. I don’t waste money on the name brand junk foods they only offer coupons on after that point; and 3. I’m not interested in becoming one of those people who constantly begs their Facebook friends to sign up for things just so they’ll get a kick-back.

    If you think spending $5 on a loaf of specialty sandwich bread to get $.75 back from Ibotta is a legitimate way to be frugal, then you’re gullible AND bad at math. Ibotta is only worth it if you’re willing to pester your friends and family to sign up using your referral code (as whomever wrote this post has clearly figured out. Someone’s trying to meet the $20 minimum!)

  29. Do you all realize when you join on the “team” thru these links on this page that she is getting money in her account as well? It is more beneficial for you to join yourself and get your friends to be on your “team” that way you get the benefit of their spending as well as yours.

  30. It might have already been asked but what if your already a member? Can I still be on your team?

  31. This app is great. I recently just cashed out. It will be better if you are on a team with a massive spender. Use this code JQXXPYE to maximize earnings with me.

  32. Use $10 sign up code: DDKXFAC and recieve a $10 welcome bonus when you redeem your first Ibotta offer within 7 day. Refer 5 people before the 26th of December and get $100 for doing so with cash rewards and bonuses. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

  33. If you’re reading this trying to decide if this app is for you, IT IS!!! I am not the coupon type but this app is just too easy to use and put $$$ back in your pocket…I have made over $100 in my 1st week with just redeeming offers and referring to my friends and family. If you want to start making your $ use referral code: tfesumo when signing up and receive $10 after redeeming your 1st offer. ITS FREE $$$!!!

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