1. When using Marie’s Blue Cheese Dressing I always add water to thin it. The flavor is still there and we all love it. No one notices that the dressing is diluted. All they know is everything gets coated with dressing!

  2. If you have a foodsaver with the wide mouth mason jar attachment you can vacuum seal the jars. They stay fresh and nummy. We don’t add the dressing! We put the dressing in our toss container. It helps the salad to stay dry and you have options on what you take that day.

  3. I love making these and yes, getting the lettuce dry is 100% the only way to MAKE SURE they last. I also purchased plastic reusable lids for my mason jars so I could pop the lids into the dish washer instead of washing by hand and/or worrying about rust when my husband DID stick them in the dishwasher anyway! I love them!
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  4. Hi Rosemarie! I was so afraid you were going to say that salad-in-a-jar wasn’t worth it, but I’m glad to learn that it is cost-effective. I love salads in a jar! Thanks for the cost breakdown and the recipe idea for the southwest salad. Sounds delicious!
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  5. something that helps keep the salads fresher is to insert a folded dry paper towel between the lettuce and lid.

  6. I’ve hard of this also, but never paid much attention, because I figured the lettuce would be wilted by the time I got the chance to eat it. Now that I know it mostly worked for you, I’m game! I’m going to go to the store tomorrow to buy the necessary ingredients. Thanks so much for the tips and results!

    • I know exactly what you mean! Usually when people post things like this, I can’t do it because I’m so crazy when it comes to fresh food and following food storage guidelines, but this was an absolute win!

  7. Hi,

    I got these jars recently. And i started to observe some kinda weird smell out of the glass jars to the food. Is it normal, or do i smell something weird. Did u notice it anytime?


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