1. Yep. Aldi – although we started buying pampers from Aldi too. They carry pampers for about $10 less than Target. It’s so tempting to order in…but it’s so much more expensive and salt (and other less than healthy additives) laden. Getting my healthy back – along with sticking to a budget. Aldi does the budget good!

  2. Holy sweet mother!! where do you find eggs and cheese so cheap? A block of cheese here is $10 and eggs are close to $7 for free range! Do you use coupons?

      • I use to shop at Aldi. Now we also have Lidl…12 eggs $.35. Gallon of milk $1.35. Most things close in price but many much cheaper than Aldi.

    • Aldi’s eggs are COFA. Their cheese varieties all taste the same, yep, kinda weird. I only buy mozz there as I want swiss that tastes like swiss and cheddar that tastes like cheddar. Th shredded cheddar is ok as it’s going in a recipe. Their produce must be used in a few days, it won’t keep at all. I buy some canned goods there and milk n eggs becuz we cant afford pastured. The frzn vegs are now the same price as other stores and they’ve reduced selection too.

  3. I’m with heidi on the costs. Butter here 3.87, eggs (large) 3.90, cheerios about 4.00, Milk 4.35 gallon (2%). In Canada, budget shopping.

  4. I agree with the other people, living in Los Angeles, it will be extremely difficult to find prices like that unless you shop only at the 99 cent store. We’re a family of 4, and I am a coupon-er and we spend at least $600 a month on food.

      • Yep, same here. From Philly traveling country. We try to buy organic when possible, but even when don’t, I’ve never seen prices this low. I thought this article must’ve been outdated!

    • I agree. I haven’t seen butter for 2.99 in about 3 years around Easter time. I try to buy four pounds and freeze 3 to get it that low in price. Orange marmalade here is closer to 4.59 for a decent tasting one also. The cheapy stores like 99 cent stores tastes awful.

      • I just bought butter last week (October 14, 2017) – Land O’Lakes even, not the store brand – for $2.99 per pound in Columbus, OH. A dozen jumbo eggs for 69 cents & milk $1.29 gallon at Kroger. While you can’t always stock up when things are on sale due to budget constraints and/or not all items keeping well, I try to stock up when I can and change up recipes for the week to include sale items. I rarely use coupons as I find that store brands are usually cheaper than the coupon price of name brands. I typically spend $50 – $75 per week to feed a family of 5.

  5. Oh, Aldi! Why aren’t you local?! Every time I read one of these posts I get all excited until I read “Aldi.” There isn’t a single location anywhere near me. We have some “cheaper” grocery stores but they add an extra 10% tax onto the already 10% sales tax in our state. So often times the “savings” aren’t really savings at all. Milk here is currently $3.45 a gallon, but I can usually find an 8oz block of cheese for about $2.00. Eggs here are about $2.00 for a dozen of large, but if you want free range or cage free they are more expensive. Unless you know a chicken farmer! Friends of ours used to keep chickens so for over a year I got free eggs. I have a family of 5 and no toddlers anymore. I am scared to think of where my grocery budget is headed as they grown into teenagers. However, I am really enjoying the stir fry recipes!

    • We’re having honey sriracha chicken tomorrow night for like the 70th time. I can’t get enough! And I can’t believe the difference in grocery prices across the country. I used to think that we would always have the highest since we’re right outside of DC, but now I’m scared to ever move! 🙂

    • Milk is expensive here too. 4.25 for 2% and a 2lb block of cheese is $5 with a dozen large eggs being 3.75
      (We’re in western Okla.)

  6. There is no way those portion sizes would feed my family of 3 teens (boys) and parents. I have started doubling every recipe and they still ask for more. I shop weekly due to the amounts they consume. . Can’t store it all. Spend over $200 and that with sales and coupons. I try to make the menu around the sales. The Aldi here is horrific! I walked in, and then out!

    • I’m dreading the teen years! I suspect I’m going to be drowning in those grocery bills. Aldi can take a little getting used to (even the good ones!), but once you’re hooked, you’re hooked!

    • i agree! This is so unrealistic for a family of 4. I shop at Walmart, and I spend more like 200 every week. I buy snacks and cereal and 3 gallons of milk, and toilet paper, and toothpaste, and granola bars, and Oreos, and triscuits, and chips, and apples, and grapes..etc…..
      None of those types of things were listed. I am frugal, but let’s be honest, my family SNACKS!

      • Right. None of this is feasible once your kids are beyond toddlers. Two toddler portions don’t even equal one adult portion, so this is in no way accurate for “feeding a family of 4”. I would need to make 3x this amount for my family of 5 (three active kids 11-15), and that doesn’t even include your idea of eating leftovers for lunch. There is no actual lunch budget for kids’ school lunches, fresh fruit, healthy snacks, etc….My family would literally starve trying to eat this little.
        I can’t remember the last time I spent less than $900 a month on groceries in California, even with “budget” meals and the cheap stores in the bad areas. Most quoted prices are less than half what we pay, even buying generics. And this doesn’t include lots of healthy snack options to keep on hand. Nice idea, but I don’t see anything about this being realistic at all once your kids are older than 3.

    • I’m sure your boys are not out every day working the farm and burning those calories. Like most young teenage boys these days, they’re sitting in front of the TV or the computer or playing on their games. Tips: Don’t bring in extra food in the house, don’t double the batch, stop allowing them free range of the refrigerator in between meals, & quit putting that food in front of them.
      Soon they will be coming down with diseases like diabeties & morbid obesity, how early will they die? How soon will you be in the pour house?
      We could all learn something from the Chinese, they stay thin by “respecting food” and never filling a bowl to the top.
      Widow of a 47-year-old!

      • My son eats enormous amounts like this when he plays sports. He will eat thirds for dinner, snack all night and still say he went to bed hungry. He only weighs 110 pounds. They need the nurishment for their growing teens who burn it off. Not all kids sit in front of the tv. I go without food so he gets the nourishment. He is more important. We don’t have those prices here in Colorado or have an Aldis

  7. I have several fairly quick and easy meals to suggest:
    1. Shepard’s pie
    2. Ham casserole – cpoked pasta for the number of servings you want, spaghetti sauce – enough to make everything moist, cubes of leftover ham, motzarella cheese to taste. Mix together. Put in a casserole dish, Top with a bit more motzerella and some parmesan. Cook at 450 until top is browned,
    3. Another casserole (family recipe) – for 4 servings: 1 # hamburger browned, 4 servings of cooked pasta, can of stewed tomatoes, sliced cheese. Put 1/2 the stewed tomatoes in a layer on the bottom, then 1/2 the hamburger, 1/2 the pasta and a layer of cheese to cover. Repeat. Bake at 400 until top is browned.
    4. Roast chicken – not quick, but I make stock and use the leftovers for quick recipes like:
    5. Chicken Corn Chowder – leftover chicken, can of cream corn, can of condensed chicken soup, can of condensed potato soup, package of frozen corn, paprika, cayenne to taste, milk, chicken stock. Put cream corn and condensed soups into a large pot. FIll cans 3/4 full with about 1/2 stock and 1/2 milk. Add to pot along with chicken and frozen corn to make it as thick as you like. Add paprika and caayenne to taste. Cook medium low (don’t scorch the milk) until warmed.
    6. Chicken Vegetable Noodle Soup (also a little longer)
    7. Chicken Pot Pie – 1 cup leftover chicken, 1 2/3 cup frozen veggies, leftover gravy or can of condensed chicken soup, uncooked biscuits for topping (Stonyfield Farms website has an awsome yogurt biscuit recipe that can be used here). Put all ingredients into a pie plate. Top with uncooked biscuit mix. Cook at 400 for 30 min

  8. This is a great idea but I would need to triple it, i have two 14 year olds that eat me out of house and home!

  9. Love this post! I just started meal planning and at the end of the first week now. I didn’t have to plan last minute dinners like I usually do AND I haven’t been to the grocery store at all since my initial trip on Monday (unheard of for me because I often go 3-4 times a week).

    I’m going to have to try out some of your stir fry recipes for next week!

    Lisa @ Fun Money Mom

    • lol Meat what is meat? Like taking on the National Debit to buy a decent piece of meat.

  10. It’s too bad your pricings vary a lot from where I live, I could see myself living on this meal plan 🙁

  11. If you have some money saved up front, check with a butcher and get a quarter to half a cow. We ended up with around 300 pounds of meat for around $3 pound. Pricey up front, but when you can eat a nice steak for a few bucks it is worth it!

    • Awesome idea Cayla! We’re planning to do that this year. My husband told me I’ll have to clear out the deep freezer first so we’re trying to eat our way through that. 🙂

  12. In eastern NC…our prices are higher for some items and we do not have an Aldi near… $3.79 milk walmart, $3.50 5 lbs of flour, eggs are $3 and up. The white cheap ones are $3 the free range etc are $5. I can get boneless chicken at 1.99 lb walmart . After our mortgage the food bill is the next highest bill we have. I’m seeking real solutions, healthy tasty meals that we can afford. I’m finding it difficult to say the least . I am excited to incorporate your stir fry recipes into our menu. Thanks

    • Adrienne, check out $5 Dinner Mom cookbook from your library (or buy it on amazon if you don’t have a well stocked library). She’s AMAZING. She has tons of super simple, basic dinners (and sides) using whole foods for less than $5 per meal. That book gets used almost everyday in our house. I’m having her simple oven roasted “fried” chicken and potatoes for lunch today and I had her chicken. broccoli and penne pasta last night.

    • is also a GREAT resource. This site helped me cut my family’s average grocery bill to $50 per week!

  13. I do like the idea of a menu plan and some of your recipes as a base, but agree that the meal size is adequate for perhaps three adults with little or no left overs :-), but easy to just add more veggies. I also live in an area that has considerably higher prices…butter 3.99 lb, chicken thighs $3.49, milk $3.99 etc..about 35 miles South of Seattle but have had some luck with Grocery Outlet. Thank you for the ideas!

    • Your so welcome Maridyth! Check to see if you have an Aldi grocery store within an hour. It would be worth the trip just to stock up on staples. It’s not really a grocery outlet, but they have amazing prices.

    • Winco or Shop N Kart are also cheap stores. So sad Aldi’s is not out west! Thankfully walmart is.

  14. Woah! I need to move where you are!! I’m in Canada as well and i’d blow that budget in about 2 minutes at the grocery store….Cheese block $10.00 (however it does last a long time) it’s so crazy.

    Last year while on vacation in Florida my husband and i couldn’t get over how much organic/free range/grass fed etc stuff we bought for so little! I had told him i’d of spent over $300.00 in one trip at home. I think our total was just about $100.00

    I will try some of your receipes. Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s so funny, because we live just outside of Washington DC in a really busy area. I always thought we would have higher grocery prices! (Well, not higher than Cananda!). I’ve learned so much from posting this! Mostly, that I’m lucky we have an Aldi!

  15. I noticed you don’t have links to the breakfast recipes. A little disappointing, but that honey sesame chicken was a huge hit last night. 🙂

  16. These are definitely great tips and well calculated. MU hubby is the finances in the house because God knows if it was me we’d be homeless by now lol. I cook daily, mainly because I find some of the meals I make cannot be frozen. I do make pancakes ahead of time but trying to find a way to make it faster than pouring it in the skillet to make a dozen for the week.
    Rania recently posted…Top 10 Tips for Preserving Expensive DressesMy Profile

  17. But those of you who have higher prices, in general, make higher wages, also. I lived in DC for a year and prices were much higher than Ohio, but so were wages.

    • But so are shelter costs, gas, clothes etc. So the food is still too high for the wages made.

  18. Maybe I missed it in all the comments, but where did you get a great big griddle? I’ve needed one for years!

  19. I live in Ontario, Canada. Although our prices are higher, I still really enjoyed this article and will be using ideas from it. Thank you, I can’t wait to look through the rest of your website for other tips and recipes!

  20. LOL People wear me OUT… Commenting just to complain about the stupidest of things. Good GRIEF, use your brains…if you live somewhere else, the prices are gonna be more or less depending on the season, not a shocker. You have teens that eat more? OF COURSE it’s gonna cost more…do you HAVE to complain about it? You don’t like stir fry all the time? Then don’t make it and find a new meal plan. For how much better some of you think you could do, maybe you should write your own blog? LOL get a grip.

  21. Thanks so much for the recipes and breakdown I am definitely trying these this week! My family only includes myself and my husband and 2 big furbabies, but I am constantly trying to find quick recipes that last us a day or two. That makes it easier on me and my husband who is in grad school. The prices are pretty much on the mark for me and I am in Georgia, actually with recent sales some are even lower! I absolutely love Aldi, my farmers market and I use a local store depending on the sales. I just bought eggs from Aldi for .69/a doz and my local Food depot sells local eggs for about the same price!

    I agree that prices will change based on the location and thats to be expected but the foundation of larger meals and meal planning can help reduce excess spending anywhere.

    Thanks again!

  22. I feel so bad for all of you having to pay so much for food. I can’t even imagine what I’d do if I had to pay that much. We might starve. I live in Southwest GA. Milk around here is at most $3, eggs are usally $1.75 or less, butter is around $3 I think. I can get a good loaf of bread for $2. And I thought our block cheese was expensive. It’s not even $4. ?

  23. We are in SW TN and our prices are pretty decent. We do have a neighbor that we buy eggs from (building our own coop this spring). Already looking into buying half cow for the freezer. We do meal planning and use ibotta and try to use sales to help. We have started freezer meals and that has helped a lot since my daughter (I live with my daughter, her fiance and my granddaughter) has just started working as a caretaker. Her hours vary and we have to make sure that the meals are done early enough that my granddaughter has time to eat and get everything done before bed as she has to get up early for school. Your recipes are great, we just have to increase for the big guy and enough for lunch leftovers. We are big on leftovers and extra for freezer.

  24. If your in the north west try shopping at cash and carry. You have to buy some items bulk. But I get whole friers for $0.85/lb on average and am able to set a rule for all meats never to spend more than $2/lb and always come out with great cuts.
    I love the $5dinner freezer meals for keeping my meal budget. Especially the plan she has for bulk cooking breakfast with the homemade muffin and pancakes mix. Wow was that a budget saver.

  25. I am having trouble finding the recipe for the orange chicken stir fry. I have made it before and it is the easiest and best orange chicken I have came across. I only remember the orange marmalade but can’t remember the other ingredients. Can you please email me the recipe!?

    • Yes, could you please post this recipe. The recipe link brings you to a site that wants you to have a membership, pay, etc. No thank you.

  26. I love this! Would love more examples just like this. I am always looking for ways to make life a little easier. 3 boys (2 teens), 3 dogs, full time job and a husband who is always traveling for work…this is great! Cheap, easy, gentle on the budget, eat at home
    Yes, I am in the south, prices were higher here too. I thought possibly this post was a couple of years old, or I am buying in larger quantities due to my teens. Regardless, this was great meals and less than my usual trips to the grocery.

  27. This is great, but all the dinners are chines cuisine. I’d love for something similar with maybe only 1 of these chinese dinners a week and some other optoins. I can’t each chinese food 2x a day 7 days a week! could you throw a similar list together using maybe some other options?I bet that would greatly change the price.

  28. I think you added up some stuff wring. I did the math, and the total number of calories came to 17,620 for all the groceries on the list. That’s enough for one person getting 2500 calories a day or two small people getting only 1250 cal. per day but if 4 people tried to survive on only 625 cal. per day they’d starve to death.

  29. 2 of the dinner recipes links do not work.. 1 and 5.
    Can you post the link or email the recipes?
    Thank you!
    I am so excited to try one tonight!

  30. Maybe I’m completely stupid, but you provide a shopping list for these meals, but no recipe’s. Where are they located and how can I access them?

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