1. I totally agree with your philosophy of having pantry meals on hand. I’m just amazed that take put pizza costs $30 where you live! I’m in central Oklahoma and we can get a large pizza with multiple toppings for less than $8, even with bagged salad and homemade iced tea our family of four can eat for around $10, not necessarily as cheap as a home cooked meal but much much less than eating out. As for pantry meals, my favorite is what I call “embellished” canned soup. I buy the large family sized cans of soup on sale (usually only serve about two), and then, depending on the variety of soup, I add canned chicken or cooked hamburger/sausage from freezer, frozen or left-over vegetables or canned beans, and either cream soup or canned tomatoes/sauce to make it serve four.

    • I imagine the assumption is based on the fact that most families don’t order just one pizza. Additionally you factor in the cost of either delivery or the cost of gas to go pick it up. Here, our local pizza spots run great sales. I can feed a family of 4 (including two teenage boys) for that $30 but it takes about an hour total from thought to actually eating. That’s 8-10 per pizza x’s 2 …plus tax, gas, and travel time. If you get delivery, add in fee and tip (I’m not stiffing someone making at or below min wage bc I’m on a budget and didn’t plan head. $30 is all inclusive and reasonable.

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