1. thank you so much! I have been going all over the place trying to find planning ideas to start the new year.

  2. Will this make a 8×11 size planner? I was wondering if there was anyway to make smaller planner that will fit in my purse?

    • Everything I used was 8×11, since that’s what I was looking for but you can do the same thing in any size. Just map out what you want in your planner and search Pinterest for pocket size, or half page printables. You can also look through my “Printables” board on Pinterest for ideas.

  3. I’m a bit confused. Love the free downloads but how can this cost less than five dollars? Printing that many color pages alone would cost way more than that! What am I missing here?? :). Thanks.

    • Hey Deb! Definitely print at home! That makes all the difference. We have a laser printer that my husband got for free on craigslist a few years ago. We buy ink for it for about $100, but the last time we replaced the ink was two years ago. We stock up on printer paper at Staples during their back to school promotions every year. We either get them for free, or up to $2/pack after rebates. If your ink/printer is expensive, consider printing in grayscale. Color is beautiful, but this is designed by you, you can make it elegant in black and white and still love it. Two sections of mine are done in black and white, just because I wasn’t in love with the color combos clashing and I don’t think it detracts at all. Enjoy! Thanks for commenting!

    • Glad you posted this comment. I agree it costs more than $5 printing at home is not free. Title misleading.

  4. I’ve shared this with a few people already! I love this! Can’t wait until I can start putting mine together!

  5. Does Staples have a comparatively priced service? The closest OfficeMax to me is 30+ minutes away, whereas there’s a Staples across the street from my job. I know they do printing and all, I’m just wondering if it is similarly priced.

  6. Also, approximately how many pages did your planner end up being? I’m really excited about this because I love planners, and I’ve been spending about $15-$20 on an Orange Circle Studio Do-It-All planner for the last two years or so, and I was contemplating purchasing an Erin Condren this year. I considered doing one myself, but I was completely lost as to what I wanted to put in it, so I’m really thankful that you’ve done most of the work!

    • Laura- you sound like my doppleganger! Sorry for the delay, I took a short break while we welcomed our little girl over the new year. Staples has similar pricing, mine was over 300 pages (online it says you cant bind that many- I talked to him in person and he did it fine.) Keep in mind, mine is 2 years though. Yours will likely be shorter. It’s amazing to do it yourself! It’s by far the best schedule book I’ve ever had.

  7. I love love this !!!!! I’m gonna do one for myself for sure… I might need to do a blog post on this and link it to you! Such great info:)

  8. What a brilliant idea! I’m going to adapt this to create my own health journal customized to my own health issues! Brilliant and frugal! Thank you for sharing such a great idea!

  9. Fantastic ! I have been reluctant to begin a binder System as I Use my Android phone for most things. Yesterday I found an App ” MY Binder” on Amazon. I will be applying your ideas to my Binder!

  10. LOVE THIS!!!

    What size did you make it? I bought an Erin Condren…. it’s nice. But LACKS much of what I really want…. but I LOVE the size of the Erin Condren.

    Is your 8.5 x 11 or did you customize the size?

    Thank you,

    • I did 8.5×11 because I love the large planners, but I found tons of choices in a variety of sizes. When you search Pinterest, specify your size (i.e. monthly menu planner half page”) and you’ll find tons of options.

  11. Hey! love the idea. I’m trying to convince myself the Erin Condren is a necessary buy but this post makes me think otherwise. What do you use for the binding of it? DO you post that anywhere and i over looked it?

    • You can go to either Staples or Office Max to get it professionally spiral bound for about $3 if my memory serves me. That’s what I did. It’s also great for ebooks or anything else you print off.

  12. Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for these great resources. This is literally the dream planner I’ve always needed to make but just felt too lost and overwhelmed every time I started to assemble it. It’s crazy how trying to plan to get organized can sometimes make you feel more stressed than you began. This makes me feel like I can actually complete my own! You’re an organizational angel!! 🙂

    • That’s exactly how I used to feel! Like you have to organize the process of getting organized, then you just say screw it and read Twilight in the bubble bath instead. Ahem. I mean… Not that EXACT scenario but you know. 🙂

  13. I really enjoyed this post. My trouble is always perfection over progress. I think I’ll make a 3 month planner and then make improvements with the next version once I’ve given it a road test. Thanks again for the direction.

  14. This was so helpful with putting together a new planner for myself! With two businesses, I find tracking everything on my phone to be more of a hassle than a help, so Thank you. I did have a couple of questions though. First, did you use a heavier duty paper and if not, do you know if I could and OfficeMax would still bind it? Also, I am putting mine together in half-size sheets because I need to be able to stow it in my purse. Do you know if OfficeMax can bind half-size vs. 8.5×11?

    • Happy to help! They should be able to do that easily. I always get mine spiral bound, so the size wouldn’t really matter, they would just trim the excess. I used Card Stock for the cover and the back page and then have a few pages that are laminated (anything that I wanted to be dry erase, like check sheets). I really wanted to have a thick cardboard piece on the back, but no one could bind that for me. So I’ll figure that out next year. They can bind heavier stock paper, but keep in mind that adds thickness. My planner was above what they say they can bind (I talked to them on the phone and he said he could do it, they just normally don’t), but it’s also good for two years. So weight that out. Happy planning! I’ll copy this to you in an email as well in case you’re trying to get this tackled today and don’t have time to check back.

  15. Is there anyway someone can make this for me???? It would be such a blessing. Happy to pay for time and supplies and shipping and handleing!!!
    Please mail
    Would like all the goodies 🙂

  16. I totally need to do this for the 2016 year. I bought the new horizontal planner from Erin Condren $90 bucks! Granted I love my planner but reading this made me realize that for $90 i should have it customized any freaking way I want! Eye opener! Thanks! 😀

  17. Hi Im a huge ec planner girl well planner organizer anything girl….. i love this and will be doing it. Could you email me more pictures of yours? I just like to have a rough draft to go by.
    Thank you so much and if youd like I can email you pics when im done for you to post
    Bree xo

  18. Thank you for your resources. I was interested in using something to help with dates, and anniversaries, but the link to Dates to Remember (anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, special events): KD Buggie Boutique is broken… do you have an update one?

  19. Thanks for your work! I personally can’t wait till the LSWL Planner fits my budget, but it is ultimately irresponsible to overspend before I am in control of my resources. Love the collection of pages, I have chosen my favorite, and know I am getting the right start. Can’t organize without a plan!

  20. This is so great I try to do a lot electronically but some things aren’t appropriate for my work calendar and also it just gets too busy, and I like having my hands on paper I have been wanting to personalize and you are giving me a great jumpstart. I do think I’ll do 3 months at a time do decrease bulk – and also to update if what I do first isn’t working for me. Also, that will allow me to include a health (diet/fitness) journal & random thoughts journal. Thank you for sharing all of your work!

  21. Hi, can you check your links because they are taking me pages that “do not exist.” Thanks

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