1. As this is my year of getting organised, I decided to meal plan for the month so that I know what’s for dinner each night. Your post has got me thinking how and where i can save. a great BIG THANK YOU!!!!

    • Plus, I always feel less guilty when I chow down on homemade chocolate chip cookies. I mean, at least I expended the energy to make them right?
      Thanks for the comment Toni!

  2. I so appreciate these tips. My husband and I just had our first child and we have been trying to find new ways to cut down on things in our budget. You’re so right, eating out is a grocery budget killer! I feel so much happier when we eat at home, knowing it didn’t cost $20 for a single meal! Pinning this, it’s a great reference!

  3. Still getting better at follow through on this. Another option worth the investment is a pressure canned. I love to open a can of stew etc and never have to worry about losing precious food from a power outage. My grocery budget for a family of 4 is around $600. – $800 so a lot of room for improvement but hubs and I both work really long hours. (at least that’s my excuse!) Thanks for,the post to get me re-inspired!

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