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  1. Emma says

    An ex-boyfriend’s family did this. I thought the milk was gross but they kept trying to get me to drink it since they knew I liked milk. Yuck! They lived an hour from the nearest grocery store (they did have a little convenience store close by with EXPENSIVE items). This meant they had gotten used to it.

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  2. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says

    Maybe doing it in serving sizes for your meals would work better? Would definitely thaw faster! I thought about trying not so long ago when Kroger had 1/2 gallons for $1! But I am NOT as brave as you!!! In actuality I don’t like milk at all…I really just use for cooking. It’s my husband and youngest that drink it…oldest is allergic and eventually stopped wanting rice milk.

  3. Tina Petronek says

    I’m not a fan of frozen white milk, but chocolate milk is ok… When I lived in GA my kiddos had a favorite chocolate milk. Once we moved to MN we could no longer get it. Every time my parents came to visit, they would freeze the single serve bottles and bring them along.

  4. Muriel says

    As you pointed out, it’s mostly the fat separating out. Skim milk doesn’t have that problem.

  5. Darcy says

    I actually freeze milk routinely. My kids drink a lot but I can only fit so many gallons at a time in my fridge. And Whole Foods (the only store around here that sells the milk I’ll give my children) offers a 10% discount if you buy 4 gallons of the same brand.

    As a milk lover, I don’t notice the difference, nor do my kids. It does take awhile to defrost so I always pull a gallon out of the freezer when the kids’ jug is about 1/4 full.

  6. LKS says

    I have frozen the lower fat milk for years to put in coolers when going camping or hotel stays.
    Most hotel rooms have small refrigerators now but when my children were small they weren’t as popular nor did the hotel offer a free breakfast. We took our cooler with frozen milk and a box of cereal by morning enough milk was thawed to use without the mess of thawing ice.

  7. Bev Fortenberry says

    Hi! Thanks for the article. Freezing milk is something that we do on a regular basis. We usually buy three gallons and put one in the freezer. (It doesn’t last long here). We put a solidly frozen jug in the sink and once it gets a little slushy, we pop it in the fridge. It never takes more than 24 hours for it to thaw. A good hearty shake and it’s ready to go. We’ve done all the different milks (whole to fat free) and we don’t notice a difference. But, everyone’s tastebuds are different, that’s for sure!!

  8. Margo says

    Our milk is available in quart bags, so freezing and thawing them is easy. When there’s about a cup left in the thawed jug, we bring out a frozen quart and leave it on the counter until it is almost thawed (6 hours, maybe), shake it and put it in the fridge. Although it is skim milk, it still needs to be shaken before each use…the milk solids and liquid separates, even though it is fat-free. I’m a picky milk-drinker as well, but I don’t find any difference in the taste, but I’m in Canada, so maybe it is processed differently than where you are. When I was growing up, Dad sold powdered milk, and being one of 6 kids, you can be sure we had powdered milk at home, too, to cut costs. NOTHING tastes as bad as the old formula for powdered milk (I’m talking 50 years ago). So, maybe that’s why I don’t notice a taste-difference with the thawed skim milk. Even skim milk tasted differently 30 years ago. HTH, M <.

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