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  1. Jeanette says

    I get the baby steps thing but I don’t get the baby step fitness program tracker at all, can you explain it to me more in depth please?

    • The Busy Budgeter says

      Sure thing! If you have a smart phone, you can use the free app “Way of Life” to do the same thing as the tracker. Each step has a certain number of days that you need to do the task in order to complete the step. On the top of the tracker, each step is listed with dates next to it, enter your “goal dates” or the dates that you hope to complete those steps by. For instance, today is March 3rd, It should take me 15 days to complete step 1, but I’m going to set myself a goal date of March 23rd. My goal is to have those 15 days of tracking my food intake completed in 20 days. If I make it in 15, awesome! The calendar dates on the bottom are how you track how many days you’ve completed your task. Every day that I track my food intake, I highlight the date in blue highlighter (blue being the color of step 1). So I can visually see my progress as I go.
      Thanks for commenting!

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