1. Graphic design skills are SO important! I wish I’d taken more design classes in school! I’ve been using Pic Monkey for my blog and Canva for social media stuff. Thank goodness there are awesome tools out there that make it easier!

    • It used to really intimidate me Beth, The Elite Blog Academy was a huge help! Once I got the hang of it, it’s my favorite part of blogging. (Okay, my second favorite, but all bloggers love writing more than anything!)

  2. Hi, Rosemarie! I found you through the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers FB page, and I’m officially stalking your blog now! You have a lot of great content here, and I will certainly be putting these PicMonkey tips to use. I’ve struggled with what fonts look good together. I’m a newbie blogger, so I can learn a lot from you!
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    • That’s one of my favorite blogging groups! Thanks! I just checked out your blog and WOW! You are way more put together than I was as a newbie! It’s beautiful.

    • Yay! That’s awesome Julie! That means I’ll likely see you around the forums. It’s an amazing class. I was just reviewing this post and realized I tripled my income last month. That was the best investment I’ve ever made!

  3. Thanks for sharing this…this is something I need help with! I really like the look of your graphics. I currently use Canva but have thought about trying PicMonkey as well.

    • Thanks Karla! I started with Canva and liked it, but switched to Pic Monkey because it’s more user friendly to me. I think the important thing is to find something you life, and stick with it. 🙂

  4. Hi Rosemarie,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and this post was really informative.

    I was wondering if you use the same services to design your posts and pictures for use on this site?

    I’m considering starting a blog and using a WordPress theme and wondering if the editing tools mentioned above are applicable or is there something better?


    • I do Pat! All of the recent graphics I’ve created are done this way. I’ve used Canva and liked it as well, but Pic Monkey stands out to me as easier to use. Good luck in your blogging!

  5. I am starting a blog and have found yours to be so helpful- very grateful for the wonderful content that you share!

  6. I really lack in graphic designing. But your blog has given me really good ideas to over come with this. Thanks Buddy

  7. Thanks a lot for the post… I must say my next trial will not get wasted. I was looking for this type of article from many days…

  8. I came to know about PicMoneky today from another blog and it is really fantastic to learn using PicMonkey in these 3 simple steps. I will have a try with it very soon. 🙂

  9. Great tips, and I’d like to add a crucial fact that natural talent is what really counts. If you don’t possess it, no matter how many degrees you got, or books you read, you can’t really design something of real brilliance, and/or creativity.
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  10. Thank you so much for both your inspiration in blogging and your easy to follow advice. I have started using canva with surprising success. I look forward to reading more of your blogging advice articles.

  11. Hey Rosemarie!

    Thanks for sharing your valuable experience .I really appreciate the way you put up your thoughts in front of us.It is of extreme importance.

    I’m a newbie blogger, so I can learn a lot from you!This blog has tremendous of knowledge and it is perfect for those who have just started in this field.I will certainly be putting these Pic Monkey tips to use. I’ve struggled with what fonts look good together.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Thanks Rosemarie, this has been so helpful!

    I have a question though: I used the tutorial to make my pin images and love them. I made them 1000X1500 as instructed. When I insert the image into my post though it’s way tinier than the picture for pinterest at the top of your posts. I thought I just needed to grab the corner of the pic and make it bigger, but that resizes things.

    How do you keep the 1000X1500 size for pinterest but still have a large enough image at the top of your blog post?



  13. Hi Buddy !!
    What an excellent and Informative information. Thanks for both your inspiration in blog and your easy to follow advice. I will start using canvas shortly. Your instructions are easy to read and help me a lot. I will defiantly use these tips. I have some Graphics Design experience using Photoshop and Illustrator. Please tell me is it enough for me ? because i want to design a unique a beautiful logo for my business. I think it will be worth if you take the pain to learn that through those tutorial videos. I will look forward for more information.
    Have a nice day a head..
    Andrew M. Hill
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  14. Hi Buddy.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog..This blog has tremendous of knowledge and it is perfect for those who have just started in this field.I will certainly be putting these Pic Monkey tips to use. I’ve struggled with what fonts look good together. I think graphics are an important part of a web site. While designing all the key points including the graphic design must be kept in mind. This post is very very useful for me as I have to finalise a design of my website and these points must be taken care of while dealing with it. Thanks for sharing this post with us.. Keep sharing more information.
    Have a nice day..
    Diane F. Cassity
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  15. “iStock” can be an expensive source for design photos, as you said. It’s good that you identified the best sources for your needs in either case, though.

  16. Hello,
    Thanks for this post. It has helped me out tremendously! I am very new to the blogging world and this post helped me figure out how to create those wonderful Pinterest pictures that I see every day. I am still trying to figure out what looks best and making sure my titles are catching. Hopefully with more practice and research I can create pins that pull people in.

  17. Great Share!
    Thank you so much for sharing this informative post this is something I need help with.One most important skill is graphic designers proficiency in the visual arts. The art they produce, whether traditional or computer-generated, is primarily visual, and so are the audiences – therefore they must be able to utilize their designs in a way that would be pleasing and memorable to the target audiences’ eyes. Once again thank you so much for sharing. keep Sharing.

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