1. Hello,
    It’s a great idea…
    People generally can never get too much help when it comes to planning summer vacations. We are planning to spend our vacations in Canada so we are looking tend to see a lot of banner ads with advertisements from hotels, theme parks and more. Your ideas are really worth.
    Thanks for sharing your post…

  2. Great Idea!!

    It seems you guys have enjoyed a lot there. If I got a chance to spend my lovely time like this way. I will never miss this opportunity.
    I will definitely keep this in mind before planning for any trip.

    Good Work 🙂

  3. This sounds fantastic, and makes me miss my family in Europe! Friends and I have been talking about a family vacation together for ages. Sending them all your link. This is an inspiration that it can be done, and we are only about 30 people ;).

  4. This is the coolest vacation I have ever heard of!!! So so neat and inspiring! Will keep this in mind as our family grows!

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