• We usually save eating out for when life gets in the way, since dining out with a 2 year old and a newborn is soooo not fun. But writing this post made me so hungry for Olive Garden, that we ended up there the day I finished this. 🙂

  1. I realize this is well-meant… but are you suggesting that a human being can survive for a week on nothing but Olive Garden and PBJs?

  2. The main reason we eat out so much?… 2 kids in 2 different sports. Games and practices from 5:30pm to 8:00am. No time to cook when you’re at a field all night!

    • OH Girl I am sorry that’s hard but when I am wiped at the end of the day what helps us is pre planning for the next day, seriously crock pot it works wonders. My husband noticed that I do best on days when I fix all the days meals during breakfast-when my energy is higher and I am not drained. So I toss stuff in the crockpot on low in the morning or on high depending on if the meat is frozen or not around 11-1pm. I hope that helps and invigorates you to keep going with the at home dinner. Nothing beats coming home pooped to a warm meal and the house smelling like dinner that all you did was dump together lol PS> There are a TON of crockpot recipes on Pinterest!

  3. We love Wegmans too! Another cheap option that we love is Noodles & Company. If you sign up for their email list you get – buy one meal get one FREE! They send the coupon out every once in a while but you can use it over and over until expires! Dinner for two only costs us about $9!!!

  4. Another option my husband and I found just last night–Moe’s Southwest Grill. (if you like Chipotle, you’ll like Moe’s–in fact I think I liked it better!) On Mondays, you can get any of their burritos (i think this did include their burrito bowls, too) plus a side of chips and queso or guacamole and a drink for $6.99. The burritos were plenty big enough that we each brought home leftovers! They also have a salsa bar–there five different ones available when we went.

  5. Costco is pretty cheap for a slice of pizza or a hotdog. Taco Bell bean burritos are one of our regular cheap eats. Carrots and peanut butter for lunch, or peanut butter and/or jelly toast is always a yummy breakfast. Some of the local area restaurants have lunch deals which could be saved and reheated for dinner, too!

  6. Get IKEA’s shoppers card and have free coffee to go with your meal.
    Taco Bell has a $5.00 box that has enough food in it for two meals.

  7. Well, I think this is still true, but 15 yrs ago when we were remodeling the kitchen I’d take the kids to dinner at Souplantation. For the 3 kids (6mo-5yrs old) & myself this was the BEST deal in town. If I arrived BEFORE 5pm I could get dinner at lunch price and my kids ate for free. We would usually stay at the restaurant for close to an hour. More recently I have gone with my mother and she always gets a baked potato to go – to add to her scrambled egg in the morning.

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