1. These ideas are a great way to take the “commercial” & stress out of Christmas & actually enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas!

  2. Our daughter is almost 2 1/2, so it will be the first time she really understands (at least a tiny bit) what’s going on. Our other daughter will be nearly 1 on Christmas, so it will be fun this year!

    I love these ideas. We will be doing the four gift rule. I really want to try the Christmas morning breakfast, but one of our traditions is to stay up late (at least the adults), so I’m not sure how early I’ll want to get out of bed to prepare the breakfast!

    • Charlee Anne, try a slow cooker breakfast casserole or freezer cinnamon buns for Christmas morning. You can find both on Pinterest. We’re in the same stage as you, with our oldest 2.5 years. It’s so awesome to see Christmas through his eyes.

  3. Rosemarie, I so enjoyed this “awkward” post!! Your ideas are quite fabulous and I will be using many of them, including take the VA course. I have raised three sons who are grown and have families of their own, but we saw the need to adopt a newborn from a family member – my first girl! She is four now, and I want Christmas to be spiritual and magical for her – I can do that with your ideas. Thank you! (And, thank you again for this post!)


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