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In Just 3 Pages of Strategy Action Steps. No Fluff. Just Results. 

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The strategy that brought me from $18/month income to over $22,000/month in 19 months on Pinterest. 

I’m a full-time blogger. Less than 2 years ago, I had no idea that was an actual thing. To say the last two years have been a wild ride is the understatement of the year. I went from 30k pageviews/month to over 500k pageviews/month in 18 months using this strategy. 

 I got almost all of my pageviews from Pinterest with this system (using Boardbooster) that only took me 4 hours a month to maintain. That system has a lot to do with how I could grow the business with the number of hours that I worked each week (about 20 hours/week, always under 30 hours).

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for coaching with me, you can now get everything you need to implement this strategy in a step-by step action guide for a fraction of the price. 

All of the stuff you need, none of the stuff you don't. 

I'm not a fan of giving you a ton of theory or ideas. Ever read a 220 page book on business and have nothing to show for it? Me too... All the time.

I need action steps. I call this way of teaching, "Do this, then come back to me. Now go 
do this." That's exactly what this guide is.

This is a step by step plan to implement this system and covers everything you need to know including what order the steps need to be.

The Pinterest Strategy Guide is appropriate for every level of Blogger. From someone who has never even heard of Pinterest and wants to expand their audience to someone who's already dominating Pinterest and wants to see how my strategy differs from theirs. 

You don't need a 220 page book to learn this system. You need 3 pages of action steps with explanations.

Everything you need. None of the fluff. 

Let's get it done. 


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Pinterest is unlike any other social media. On Facebook, users are there to connect with friends. While brands and bloggers slip their messages in, users aren't there for us. On Pinterest, the sole purpose of the user is to find blog posts. That's it. They're there to connect with us, not their friends. That's the power of Pinterest. 

Rosemarie Groner

Founder of The Busy Budgeter LLC

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