The Core Affiliate Strategy 

The most effective way to grow your affiliate income quickly. 

In less than 18 months, I went from $0/month affiliate income to over $20,000/month just from affiliates using this exact system.

This walks you through the action steps you need to take to implement my exact strategy.  

You’ll Learn:

How to limit your affiliates to drastically increase your income. 

How to set up an affiliate launch step-by-step complete with examples. 

How to avoid overwhelm and which steps will give you the fastest results. 

Specifically what to write in your emails and more...

"When I followed Rosemarie's affiliate strategy step-by-step, I saw a huge increase in affiliate sales! Now I'm addicted to these campaigns and can't wait to launch another one"

Kalyn Brooke 

Founder, Creative Savings


"Rosemarie's advice was spot on! I increased my revenue from one of my top affiliates by 30% in just a couple of months and I've seen higher open rates on my emails.”

Elle Martinez

Owner, Couple Money Podcast

"I had been making $300-$500 per month consistently on my blog. By using Rosemarie's affiliate launch method, I made over $2,600 this month! This is a proven system that works even if you don't have tons of traffic or a large email list."

Aja McClanahan

Founder, Principles of Increase 

"Rosemarie help me understand how affiliate marketing can actually help my audience while producing a steady income for my blog. My very first "test" launch generated 12 sales with just an hour's worth of work. Her system in a definite win-win!"

Toni Husbands

Financial Coach, Debt Free Divas 

"Rosemarie Groner is, simply put, amazing. Her strategies for making money using affiliate marketing inspired my husband to finally quit his job and start a new blog. We're well on our way to completely replacing his income, solely with the tips learned through Rosemarie. She presents the information in an easy-to-digest formula that makes sense, even if you aren't the most tech-savvy person."

Mindy Jensen

Community Manager, Bigger Pockets

Rosemarie Groner

Blogger, The Busy Budgeter 

About Rosemarie

Rosemarie started The Busy Budgeter in 2014 as a way to share her passion for money management. Within 18 months, the blog had replaced the income from her former career making over $20,000/month. 

In January of 2016, Rosemarie developed an affiliate strategy to help her work through the overwhelm of trying to implement a new stream of income. This strategy skyrocketed her income and led to The Core Affiliate Strategy. 

Not only did the strategy work, but it worked so well, that it increased her income by 50% in a month and up to 300% in 4 months. 

Her strategy uses her newsletter list and a very small number of affiliate partnerships to get the absolute maximum results without ever having to be a "salesman".  

In fact, the core message in her strategy is to never promote ANYTHING that you wouldn't enthusiastically tell your best friend about. Which leads to her success and ultimately yours as well.