The easiest way to set up a successful blog.

The Blog Starter Workbook gives you step by step instruction on every major part of setting up a profitable blog. It assumes that you’re horrendous at technology and gives you easy and simple tutorials so you don’t get stuck on the hard parts. 

  This workbook brings you quickly from being overwhelmed and confused to set up, running and confident in your next steps. 

Because it’s not NEARLY as hard as you think it is, you just need someone that’s successfully done it to help you along the way.  


When I decided to start a blog, I was immediately overwhelmed with everything. Everyone else made it seem so easy, but I couldn’t figure out how to get my blog actually up and running. Choosing a niche, a name, hosting, writing posts… and I was awul with computers.

  I felt like I was doing everything wrong and I would get stuck for weeks on stupid things but have no way to fix it. My story isn’t unique (although I doubt anyone is as bad at technology as I am!), this is super common in the blogging world.  


  Where my story became unique, is that I pushed through the doubt, the fear, the aggravation, and I got my blog up and running and then turned it into a business that was making over $7,000 a month by the end of year one and over $20,000 a month by 18 months.

 And what I learned is that I could have avoided an incredible rough start to blogging if I had someone to walk me thorough getting up and running the right way.  


  So that’s what I created. A step by step system to help walk you through how to choose your niche, your name, your hosting, how to choose your posts titles, what to write about etc.  

It’s not just a comprehensive guide on how to get started, it’s a comprehensive guide on how to get started the right way. SO that you don’t have to come back and redo all of this stuff in order to generate an income from your blog.  


My blog changed every aspect of my life. I make more money than I ever could have made in a "traditional job" teaching women about how to budget, and I want this for you to. 

But that’s not even a possibility, until we can get you up and running. You can do this. I can help.  


Rosemarie Groner

Blogger, The Busy Budgeter

"I remember what it felt like to want to quit before I started because I was so overwhelmed, but I also know how much EASIER this is when you actually have someone to walk you through it the right way."

Grow Your Blog Quickly

What's Inside:

Learn the most common mistakes in getting started and how to avoid them (saving HOURS of aggravation!) 

Conuer overwhelm! You'll always know EXACTLY what to do now, and what to do next.  

Discover the exact steps to get your blog up and running the right way so it can be profitable. 

Master the tech skills needed to blog and learn my #1 hack to overcome tech problems. (It's not what you think!)

What others are saying ...

"This is a really great, easy to understand resource for anyone looking to start in the blogging world."


Blogger, C'mon Get Crafty

"I never would have considered starting a blog without Rosemarie's step-by-step guide. She took what can be a super overwhelming process and broke it down into its most basic, most important elements. Without Rosemarie, I can 100% say I wouldn't be where I am today."


Blogger, Love & Blues

" Fantastic and very encouraging to a new blogger! I like how you have gone through everything step by step."


Blogger, Filling the Jars Blog

"When I started my blog, I knew nothing about it and was very overwhelmed with the technical aspect. Then I found Rosemarie. I followed her step-by-step instructions to set up my blog and soon I had it up and running. My third month blogging, I was already hitting 30k pageviews. I truly believe her methods work and to this day follow her blogging advice and training."


"I already have a blog on blogger/ Will this work for me?" Yep! This still applies to you, I’ll walk you through how to get switched over and why you have to.  

"How much money will starting a blog cost me?" It varies depending on what your goals are. I included a timeline and costs of what I purchased in the workbook, but minimal is $4/month for hosting and a domain name. I wouldn’t let the costs turn you off to blogging though, it’s actually one of the cheapest hobbies I know (second only to reading exclusively using a library), and has the potential to make an impressive side income or even turn into a legitimate business.  

"Is this printed for me or do I need to print it myself?" You’ll need to print it yourself, that’s how we keep the costs of our products low. You can use a binder or you can get it spiral bound for about $4 at most office supply stores. 

"Do you have a money back guarantee?" We have 100%, no questions asked, refund policy. If you don’t think it’s as awesome as everyone else does, then just let us know and we’ll give your money back. No questions asked.